Red Robin

2014-07-29 12.25.34

Image: My Own Model: Me Bracelets: The Hungry Elephant (LC Lovechild) Swimwear: Eau Paix Vie

So a little disheartened that someone on Instagram reported this photo today and was taken down, out of all my photos this as you can imagine came as a huge surprise!! Especially when trying to raise awareness for human rights…..people can be so shallow and cruel.

Wearing my Eau Paix Vie Swimwear bottoms with my gorgeous The Hungry Elephant Charms is hardly offensive but……what can I say!!!

These stunning charms are not only cute and vibrant but raise awareness for the beautiful creatures of the earth and are worth giving your full support!!

I will be posting more of these gorgeous charms soon, but to purchase these beautiul peices please head to to find out more about the beautiful cause that is the hungry elephant please check out