Clear Quartz on a Cloudy Day

2014-07-24 12.28.26

Images: My Own Model: Me Leather Pants: One Teaspoon Clear Quartz wrap: Victory Jewelry

This is but one of my many treasures from the divine dallas soul Athena, the creative being behind Victory Jewelry. Athena is one of the most incredible souls on the earth and creates stunning pieces straight from her heart. Each so unique and powerful harnessing crystals in their rawest form. Her pieces range from western to tribal to her latest collection Under the sea which uses cowrie shells, emeralds and some incredibly stunning moonstones. every piece has a story to tell and a statement to make. This Crystal Wrap is a stunning statement piece harnessing so much energy, protection balance and strength and can be worn both as a bracelet and a choker.

Make sure you visit her store to ind so many more lovely treasures