All that glitters

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Images: My Own Model: Manifestor ring IV & Connector Bracelets: Aletheia & Phos Jumper: American Apparel

Like all Aletheia & Phos designs this Manifesor Ring carved from Pyrite and Black Agate crystal is one of a kind, carved from crystals found in Brazil.Pyrite increases power in the 3rd Chakra and purifies the body of infection whilst also helping cleanse us of our bad habits establishing new patterns of health and positive energy. The Black agate is grounding and protective against all negative energies whilst attracting good fortune and promoting goodwill to help strengthen and overcome fears.

The clear quartz connector bracelets are a gift to be shared with that someone special in you’re life, whether it be a brother, sister, partner or lover. The Quartz can be programmed with your intention, helping to achieve goals. Quartz is the most versatile of all crystals balancing all chakras, amplifing, absorbing and releasing energy, not only to yourself but other stones and bringing clarity and thought.

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